People Analytics Belgium… for HR professionals

Published on May 30, 2017 4:59 pm

We’re excited to announce our new People Analytics Belgium group, and its upcoming kick-off event on April 20th about “How to start with Advanced Analytics for HR”.

First shortly about the community concept by another example. It’s 3 years ago that we co-founded the Data Science Belgium community, and we’re now about 2500 members. The variety of events is a mixture of knowledge meetups, hands-on trainings, and weekend hackathons with a positive societal impact. You can have a look at the video impression about the event we had last week in Ghent at the end of this article. Unfortunately I didn’t make any pictures during the networking drink, as this would illustrate the informal character of such learning & networking evening.

People Analytics Belgium tends to do something similar, but dedicated for HR professionals. It’s a nonprofit initiative with the aim to share experiences of people analytics use cases, and to build a peer network to exchange best practices on next gen HR tech, people process implementations, or advanced analytics methods. Or, just having an informative evening with an after drink together with like minded people.

“It’s our purpose to inspire & drive to action,

and to contribute to more HR initiatives powered by data”

On April 20th 7pm you’re invited for our kick-off event, and we’re so happy Andy Vanzurpele will join us and share with us how ING started the people analytics journey! We also will have a panel discussion in collaboration with Sven Mastbooms. Sven is CEO at Kindred Spirits, and member of Singularity University. Nowadays starting with people analytics is rather a mindshift than a technological barrier, so the panel discussion will be about where to start with people analytics, and how HR can link HR initiatives with business success. We’re still checking some locations and will update you asap on this.

“Call for speakers”

We would like to invite another speaker for sharing a use case with us, or to join the panel discussion. Please reach out in case you are interested, so we can get in touch.

“To exchange ideas or having instant answers,

we just launched the Facebook group People Analytics Belgium

This so far our physical events, but to exchange ideas or having instant answers, today we launched the Facebook group “People Analytics Belgium“. It’s a closed group, so no mixture with dad, mum or kids, and only members can read messages. Just request to be member and you will get access. Once you’re a member of this group, you also can invite & accept others to becoming member.

Thx for reading till here, but especially looking forward meeting you all online and for sure on April 20th!

Have a nice day or evening!


This post was originally posted on LinkedIn on March, 29th 2017 by Sam Rédelé. Sam founded Simple Complexity in 2011, specialised in people analytics. Sam cofounded the Belgian data science community in 2014, and founded People Analytics Belgium in 2017. Both communities are non profit oriented, aiming to share knowledge via meetups, trainings and hackathons. You can reach him via, connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter via @samredele.