People Analytics Consulting

Turning data & complex analytics into simple insights and HR actions. It's all about measuring how HR initiatives impact business success.


Expect insights and HR Analytics Applications about engagement, burn-out, retention, performance management, recruitment, leadership, strategic workforce planning, and much more.


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People Analytics

Making work better

Aligning people initiatives with business success, makes HR a strategic business partner & trusted partner for all stakeholders, inside and outside the organisation.


Traditional HR departments optimise business processes for the sake of automation.
But people are done with that, and the expectations shifted towards people centricity.

Therefore organisations loose both employee and customer satisfaction.


We analyse how HR initiatives really make a positive impact on both business success and workforce.

We use machine learning methods to get more insights from data. Next to existing data, also new data is being extracted from people processes to measure soft HR metrics such as culture and leadership.


Finding key drivers on each phase of the employee life cycle make a huge difference. Yet we can go even further, by using data simulations to let the data show the impact of future potential HR initiatives.

It's not about stopping automation, but to include intelligence. Data at the inside to augment the decision making process.

Sports Analytics

Quantified athletes to optimise performance

Performance gains are intuitively hard to find.
Therefore we use machine learning technics to revealing the key drivers of optimal performance.


Sports clubs became more professional as they care about nutrition, mental aspects, core stability, and so on. Improving one dimension does impact another, and it's intuitively hard to find the optimal balance between all dimensions.


We use machine learning to reveal actionable key drivers of performance.
We make data based simulations to see how decisions would make an impact before they even happen.
Data Analytics is a team sports; therefore we closely work together with the full staff.


It’s a proven way to boost sports performance or injury prevention. But it's more than math. It's part of a culture to win.

We also partner with brain modulation technology experts within our continuous search for performance gain, because we're passionate, curious & competitive.